095 – Making Your Website Accessible to Disabled Users with ADA Sure’s Michael McCaffrey

Ensuring access to information is a key component of the ADA, and it is critical for every organization to make it available.

ADASure is committed to helping your business achieve legal requirements and developing content and programs that are easily accessible. From your existing site’s compliance needs to future development, ADASure offers solutions and opportunities that benefit your customers and your company.

Their mission is to “Prevent lawsuits and provide a better, more accessible site for everyone”

ADASure focuses on identifying issues with your site and correcting them, giving you peace of mind that your site is compliant with everyone. This takes the worry out of your hands and allows you to spend your time focusing on growing and developing your business.

ADASure offers many options for consultation, education, and development resources, including a complete audit and analysis of your website content, a full explanation of each error, as well as examples of corrected pages, a website consultation with your development team, a comparison with your competitors’ site, and much more.

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