097 – Introspection For a Better Business with Big Idea Guru’s Michael Hudson (Sensitive Topic Warning)

Growing a business is never easy, but it is especially hard when you’re not understood in the way you intended. With the right message advertised, you can quickly increase your business' impact.

To get the reaction you want, you need to start planning and preparing what you need for the high-stake situations you face every day.

Michael Hudson has discovered that there is a way to prepare for these specific high-stake situations. He calls it the Message Mastery Method™. It makes it easier to craft and share messages that will produce the desired results. This is what Michael shares with his clients to help them attract the right publicity, better advertise their business, and equip others to share their stories.

“Communication is one of the most commonly identified “problems” in business and it’s an easy target in a world overflowing with input from every angle.” – Michael

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