100 – How to Seek Affiliates with Beachpreneurs’ Kelly McCausey

Beachpreneurs is an all-female beach retreat to help smart female entrepreneurs get a clear direction on where to go next with their business. To go, the female entrepreneur must have an open mind, and either an existing online business they are ready to improve, a sizable platform and an audience, or a dream that they plan on making a reality.

With fewer than 15 women in attendance, the retreat experience relies on small group interaction and a lot of personal bonding and relationship building. You will have several hours each day to yourself to process ideas, walk the beach, and get some fresh air.  

Their guests will reside at The Dolphin House, a beautiful 5,450 sq ft beach house on Pensacola Beach. With a beautiful beach, a private pool, and lots of space to relax and enjoy one another – it’s the perfect venue to relax and gain some perspective!  

Beachpreneurs Co-Founder Kelly McCausey is a well-respected blogger, podcaster, and business coach to online entrepreneurs. Kelly has 14 years under her belt in online business.  She has been helping other successful marketers realize their dreams since 2004. She has made it her mission to pull every ounce of excellence out of her clients.

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