1003 – Data Skills and Literacy with Quanthub’s Matt Cowell

Future-Proof Your Workforce

With us today is our guest Matt Cowell, the CEO of Quanthub.

Quantum is a data skill platform. Data skills are pretty ubiquitous in the world, we all need them regardless of role. And Quantum has an assessment platform to help companies determine who has data skills if they're interviewing for data scientists, data engineers, these types of roles. They also have an upskilling platform to help organizations build data literacy skills across the entire enterprise; Sales, marketing, operations, finance.

QuantHub provides an efficient yet rigorous vetting platform for hiring data/AI professionals and a modern, in the flow of work, learning platform to build data competency across the entire enterprise. Their two-sided solution helps you build an organization with the skills to deliver on the power of your data. which means you’re running a more efficient, profitable enterprise with engaged, motivated employees.

Technology is driving our world into the digital revolution, but people are getting left behind. We help companies develop their strongest asset in this revolution: their people. Quantum helps companies leverage the power of their data by making sure their employees have the right data skills.

Matt serves as CEO at QuantHub, responsible for leading the company’s strategy, growth, and operations. Prior to joining QuantHub, He spent the last 15 years running product and tech at PE-backed companies, including building a product and engineering organization at Daxko to deliver 10x revenue growth, 7 acquisitions, and 3 enormously successful recapitalizations in just 10 years. While at Daxko, he led the team to deliver the first machine learning/AI solution to the market, predicting customer membership churn and also propensity to donate.

Matt fully believes companies are facing a larger skills gap than they realize. The jobs being created today are not jobs employees/candidates are ready to fill. What this means is that companies cannot realize the full potential of their data and are leaving a lot of money on the table in the process. He has a passion for developing authentic relationships with customers to truly understand what drives them, and then crafting creative solutions to their most critical problems.

He is the type of person that can walk into any room and befriend anyone in the room, jump right in to solve complex problems, and then give clear directives on what to do next. He has a genuine concern and compassion for the people he is working with and whatever they are working on. Matt is a true champion of design thinking and holds a standard of integrity and excellence — he always brings a fresh perspective to any challenges faced. Matt is one of the best leaders and one of the best product strategists.

Matt is a guy who is never satisfied with status quo and will lead any product organization, develop/execute a customer strategy, or even to serve as a leader who is equally comfortable handling product, technology, marketing, or customer success functions. Work with Matt and Create a culture where AI projects are not put on the shelf but are put to work and make business impact that beats the competition.

Learn more about Quanthub and what Matt does as CEO on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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