1004 – Getting Into Business Through Franchising with Path to Freedom’s Wes Barefoot

Business Ownership

On today's episode of the show, we're joined by Wes Barefoot, President of Path to Freedom.

 Path To Freedom is all about helping people get into business for themselves through Franchising. Whether you’re an existing business, owner, or looking to get into business for yourself for the first time, Franchising can be a great way to take control of your life, and create Freedom for yourself. With thousands of franchise opportunities available today, it can be a very overwhelming process to evaluate these opportunities, and find one that makes sense for you. That’s where Wes come in. As a professional Franchise Consultant, He works with you to help you understand franchising, determine if it’s a good fit, and if so, to navigate the entire process of identifying franchise companies that may be a good fit, conducting due diligence, and even securing financing. Ultimately, He helps match people with the perfect franchise business to help you achieve your goals, and create Freedom in your life.

Wes is a passionate entrepreneur with extensive experience in franchising. Wes brings years of experience as both a franchisee, as well as working with Franchisors, where he’s worked across a variety of operational, management and franchise development roles, with several franchise companies. Franchising has had a tremendous impact on Wes and his family’s life, and now Wes loves to help others take control of their lives, and create freedom for themselves through business ownership.

There are many, many franchise opportunities out there these days. Some are good, some aren’t and without guidance, it’s very difficult to find the one that is the perfect fit for you. Wes’ proven franchise consulting process places his focus on you and your goals for business ownership.

Wes knows that people buy a business because there is a result they are trying to achieve in their lives. It may have to do with money, leaving a legacy, achieving a certain lifestyle, time management, or something else but it is important to understand what this desired result is. A business is like a vehicle, and to find the best one, you must first be clear on where you want to go. He has a methodical process he uses, when working with people to find out what that result is and helping them to find the business that will help them achieve it.

And the best part is…You pay nothing for the services Wes offers at Path To Freedom. There is no obligation or cost to you for these franchise consulting services, or for the information about franchise opportunities Wes offers. Wes is paid fees by the franchise companies, who respect the processes he follows and who recognize the high quality and fit of the prospective franchise owners Wes is able to refer to them. You pay exactly the same franchise fees with any franchise business, whether you work with Path To Freedom or not. Path To Freedom is able to provide a win-win scenario for you as the franchisee candidate, and for the franchisors as well.

If you’re ready to chart your own path to freedom, Wes is a true professional. He prepares and researches his guest and business thoroughly and facilitates unique and powerful conversations. He will I help you take control of your life, and create freedom for yourself through business ownership

Learn more about Path to Freedom and what Wes does as President on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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