1006 – The Truth About Achieving Your Goals with The Goal Achiever Academy’s Curtis Stamp

The Power of Pursuit

 Today's guest is Curtis Stamp, founder and CEO of The Goal Achiever Academy.

The Goal Achiever Academy will help you learn, grown, improve your life and smash your goals. For anyone who wants to be more, do more, and have more.

Curtis Stamp, a serial entrepreneur, Consultant, and personal development and mindset coach. He teaches entrepreneurs how to go from stuck to unstoppable by taking control of their thinking, and building a powerful mindset to grow and effectively lead their business, enjoy great relationships, increase their freedom of time and money and to live their life's purpose.

He teaches you through a life-changing time-tested formula – Thinking into Results. 6 months of deep study & coaching to teach you how to make a change at the root level to transform every area of your life.

Stop asking why. You are supposed to set goals. Dissatisfaction with your life is a healthy, creative state of mind. We are designed to be discontent! Constructive discontent is the very heart of motivation.

In fact, one of the most dynamic laws of life is The Law of Creation and Disintegration. Every expression of life is moving in one direction or another. Absolutely nothing will remain as it is. You are either improving the quality of your life, or you are taking away from it. The choice is yours. It is a decision only you can make. To make no decision is to make a decision. When you become sufficiently dissatisfied with your life as it is, you will begin to think of ways to improve it – you will decide on a goal.

People everywhere carry around big ideas that die inside their brain. All of us have flashes of creativity with breakthrough potential that we don't pursue. We kill our dreams with inaction. There is a reason this happens and Curtis be showing you why and how to make your ideas materialize. He wants to personally invite you to refuse to be a person that settles. Commit to putting you first and join him where you will learn how to break-free from what is holding you back. You will become crystal clear on where you want to go and understand it is much simpler than you think. He will be teaching actionable, strategies that took him from being dissatisfied, unhappy and unfulfilled, where he felt stuck in every area of his life to finding his purpose, helping others succeed, abundance and true wealth.

Curtis knows that everyone wants to be better versions of themselves, do and accomplish more life goals in a shorter period of time, and have all the things on their wish list, but most people are stuck in an endless cycle of fear, self-doubt, overthinking, procrastination and negative thought patterns. In fact, most people spend their whole life barely achieving anything that they really want.

The best way to figure out what it is you really want. If you have no destination (goal), all your decisions will be like playing in a minefield. He’ll help you get clarity so all your decisions will be in harmony with where you want to be.

A time-proven and simple strategy that’ll get you burning hot to reach your goals so you will stay on the path to success no matter what challenges and obstacles you face.

Learn what to do when procrastination, fear and self-doubt appear and finally start achieving those really big goals – the scariest ones that you’ve only imagined up to this point.

Learn more about The Goal Achiever Academy and what Curtis does as Founder and CEO on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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