1010 – The Beacons of Leadership with Chris Voss

Inspiring Lessons of Success

 With us today is our guest Chris Voss, a Consultant Coach Of The Beacons of Leadership

Chris Voss has been a CEO and Serial Entrepreneur for over 25 years, building and managing a multitude of corporations in differing fields of the social industry. His experience in business ownership and controlling interest investments range from: mortgage, real estate, stock markets, investing, retailing, computers, clothing lines, talent agencies, courier companies, personnel companies, call centers, construction, pay per call industry, club promotions, and social media, etc.

He is an excellent leader in his industry (and yours). He can help guide your business in the right direction. He will provide you with tons of cutting-edge information as well as the inside scoop on lots of juicy upcoming projects and sites pertaining to the social web. He's an energetic, driven, active guy who knows how to get the ball rolling and keep it that way.

Chris Voss is one of the most outstanding researchers. He not only stays abreast of technology that is moving faster than Moore's law, but in the process manages to educate thousands of people every day by making the most advanced strategic use of that technology that has measured in some time. He is a great producer, a great researcher and a thoroughly team and global oriented leader.

He is a business dynamo who refuses to be put into one box. He also has the ability to communicate a marketing strategy so you can understand it and do it. Chris gives a comfort factor of the future. While many proclaimed social network experts tell you what is coming, Chris explains why it is here already and helps you to not miss opportunities to be a part of the first waves of change in networking or to avoid the sink holes of negative marketing ideas or the miss-use of the newer networking technologies.

Chris is one of those entrepreneurs and business owners that has more experience than 90% of business owners. He knows business strategy and social marketing strategy extremely well. He wrote a book that is filled with a multitude of insightful stories, lessons, and experiences in leadership & character. It gives you the secrets in his CEO/Entrepreneurs' Toolbox that was used to scale business success, innovate and build a multitude of brick-and-mortar companies.

It shares the vision, lessons and hard work that was used to build successful multi-million dollar companies with very little capital. He shares amazing stories of acquiring companies and pulling them back from the brink of bankruptcy, along with other extraordinary tales of innovation and resilience.

In this new digital age, Chris shares with you how he reinvented himself after the 2008 recession, wiped out all of his companies to win multiple awards and become a Forbes Top 50 recognized brand. He built The Chris Voss Show and its Podcast up to an audience of hundreds of thousands of people.

It will inspire, motivate, and move you to your own successful path by using his experience, knowledge, vision in a recollection of memories and lessons. It will give you the tools to build success in your life and business to become the best leader and person you can be.

Learn more about Chris and The Beacons of Leadership on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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