1011 – Growing A Marketing Business with Umbrella’s Itamar Shafir

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On today's episode of the show we're joined by Itamar Shafir, CEO of Umbrella.

Umbrella powers thousands of marketing agencies globally. They work with agencies, consultants and other B2B professionals who sell marketing solutions. Manage their own call center to generate appointments exclusively for Umbrella members.

If you’re building an agency or trying to scale, you probably already know that doing everything yourself limits your growth. With Umbrella, you have a strong partner that supports your fulfillment, marketing and branding efforts. That gives you the breathing room to focus on being a trusted advisor to your clients. You can provide the core value to your clients and leave sales development and execution to Umbrella.

Umbrella provides marketing services for multiple platform; Google advertising, Facebook advertising, Outbound Email marketing, Business listings, AI Chatbots, Texting solutions, Pay-Per-Result SEO, Cash-back advertising, Pay-Per-Revenue Marketing, Reputation Management & Review generation, Website building, and everything in between. They also provide supporting services such as Small-Business-Financing. 

Growing your marketing business is easier when Fulfillment, Getting Clients, and Branding are done for you by a white label digital marketing agency. Umbrella will focus on growing marketing agencies and provides a clear channel for growth to thousands of marketing agencies through a white label platform.

They deliver leads, appointments, top-notch fulfillment services, marketing training and even an “Umbrella” brand called Umbrella Local for small agencies to work under and benefit from the credibility and resources of a large brand.

Umbrella Local is a full service digital marketing and accessibility agency focusing on servicing small businesses. They have extensive experience working with entrepreneurs in all niches including service providers, retailers and offline and online businesses.

A strong brand is based on trust. And trust translates into sales. That creates a huge difference for members when they engage with potential clients. Over the years, Itamar has learned that for clients to grow he needs to be a trusted advisor that can chart a simple plan for growth. He is able to execute a plan in affordable and predictable steps, the go-to for any marketing need. He will do it for you so you can focus on your business

Itamar believes advancement in technology is disrupting the traditional employment structure, giving rise to a new breed of independent business owners, seeking knowledge, business opportunities and formulated path for growth. He is working with leading quality brands to provide franchise-like business opportunities for these new independents, at an affordable price and with no risk.

Itamar is the person who makes the difference for any investor. He and his visions are the reason why your clients will invest in your company. If you're looking to start, expand, or improve your online marketing business, look no further. Not only does Umbrella provide amazing training and support, they work tirelessly to continually bring one-of-a-kind offers with the biggest game changers in the field, partnering you up with the big guys to increase your business's potential many times over.

Itamar and the team at Umbrella not only know their stuff, and offer all the great products and service you might expect, but importantly they are good people with a genuine desire to help those who partner with them.

Learn more about Umbrella and what Itamar does as CEO on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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