1012 – E-Commerce for Simulated Diamond Jewelry with Starlette Galleria’s Olivia Starling

Simulated Diamonds

On today's episode of the show we're joined by Olivia Starling, Founder and CEO of Starlette Galleria.

Olivia is a connoisseur of luxury jewelry. But let’s be honest, good jewelry that won’t turn your skin green is expensive and sometimes still doesn’t last. That is why she created this little space, for women just like you! Everything is made with sterling silver, plated in real rose gold, 14k gold, or white gold. Olivia is bringing you confidence at a fraction of the price.

There are many reasons as to why Olivia starting selling luxury sterling silver jewelry that will never turn your finger green or cause a reaction. Between pregnancy, travel, conserving your diamond, or just saving your money on your wedding.

Women buy maternity clothes, maternity bras, maternity underwear, and even maternity shoes. So why not wearing maternity wedding rings? Don't stress over puffy pregnancy fingers, get a maternity wedding ring.

There are various reasons to leave your real wedding and engagement rings and other expensive pieces home while traveling. Your wedding ring is easy to swap out but difficult to replace. When you travel with your wedding ring, you are risking loss, theft, and damage on one of your most prized possessions. Don't travel with your real wedding ring, you can get a simulated diamond ring and other travel jewelry can help ensure the safety of precious and sentimental pieces.

One of your most prized possessions is your wedding ring. Wearing it every day can decrease the lifespan of your diamond. Same as wearing a shirt over and over, it would eventually fade and look dull. The same thing happens as you expose your wedding ring to chemicals, UV rays, and contact with other surfaces. Swap your ring out and save it for special occasions.

Starlette Galleria is a great option when you’re trying to save money as well. Especially when it comes to marriage and weddings. Spending thousands on an engagement ring may not be the wisest decision when you are starting out a marriage. Avoid the unnecessary expense by buying a simulated diamond ring. Take that ring budget and put that money to work for you in a different way.

Olivia Starling founded e-commerce jewelry brand Starlette Galleria out of her basement. In the first 6 months, Olivia’s company grew to over 6 figures in sales. In the first two years, her company organically grew without paid advertisements to multi-six figures in sales. Without any prior business experience, Olivia has learned to juggle being a single mom, operating a company out of her basement, and leading other women to success on her Instagram page. Olivia has been able to boot-strap her company and build a team. Olivia credits her success to working in her father’s lumber yard in a small Wyoming town as a young girl. She has never been afraid of hard work and loves to take on new challenges. Olivia's passion is to show other women that if she can do it, they can too. She strives to highlight the importance of why you should consider going for more affordable, stylish jewelry options

Learn more about Starlette Galleria and what Olivia does as Founder and CEO on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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