1015 – Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with Convert ROI’s David Schloss

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the founder and CEO of Convert ROI, David Schloss. 

Convert ROI takes complicated ad plans and makes them simple. David has done this work for 14 years. Josh and David explore what’s working today in the ad space, especially given how much outdated information is out there. Short form content has taken over, according to David, and platforms like TikTok, Instagram reels, and YouTube reels have dominated. Ask yourself how your ads can fit naturally into the short form environment – condense your messaging if needed and use these types of ads. From a paid and organic standpoint, short form content combined with other social media marketing is an excellent strategy right now. 

Josh and David also talk about what brands are appropriate for these short form content platforms. You don’t need to dance on TikTok for your brand, you simply need to effectively condense your normal ads into 30 second content that can fit onto these platforms. Users want something they can connect with, and they’re buying into you, so enjoy yourself and be authentic when you’re marketing with content. Stay excited and engaged with your audience and keep their attention through your words, tone, and body language. You also don’t need massive reach to be effective – as long as you build loyal followers, that’s enough. 

Convert ROI controls about 3 millions dollars worth of ad spend, mostly on Facebook and Instagram. David also talks about the issues many entrepreneurs see with ads on these social media platforms. What happened recently is that Apple changed tracking forever by giving users the option to not be tracked whatsoever when they boot up their devices. The word ‘tracking' seems negative, which makes many users turn off the setting. Now, on those users' devices, ads can’t be optimized. It’s getting harder to make ads work, so there’s more attention than ever to the quality of your ads right now. They’re reaching less viewers, which means the quality of the content needs to be top notch. 

Josh and David also talk about how to future-proof your ad strategy a bit. Use new features that launch on various platforms as quickly as possible, when the price for the ads is cheapest and your content in this feed will be favored when it grows. We’ll often assume that people won’t use these platforms, but you can easily reuse short form or premade content on these platforms and this gives you a chance to become featured on these new and ever-growing networks. 

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