1016 – Be the Voice in Front of Your Business with Vocal Impact Productions’ Laura Sicola

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the founder of Vocal Impact Productions, Laura Sicola. 

Laura has given successful viral TED talks, is an author, expert on influence, and a podcaster! She shares that she’s an executive communication coach. Her job is to make sure that when her clients talk, people listen. Leaders have genius and vision that make them the brains behind an operation. If you’re a business leader, you have to make sure that when you speak to your audience, you’re able to properly articulate your vision. 

Laura also shares some common communication struggles that many of us are familiar with. There’s a gap between what we say and what someone else hears. This gap in communication is the source of all conflict. The essence of inspirational leadership is closing that gap and helping your audience hear what you need them to. 

Josh and Laura talk about the most common communication mistakes to be more cognizant of. She explains that we need to become better storytellers – we need to not get stuck in the weeds. Tell a story about what your product or service does to solve a problem. Use empathy to reach your audience. Be exciting, be engaging, and don’t get caught up in the innocuous details. 

Laura’s TED talk explores an interesting topic;  great leaders need to know how best to say their names. How you say your name will either bolster or undermine your first impression on someone. Don’t tell someone your name as if you’re asking a question; say your name slowly, separate your first and last name and give your whole name in individual pieces, and control your tone strategically. 

Josh shares a tidbit here – if you’re going to be interviewed, don’t assume the interviewer knows how to say your name. Approach them beforehand and make sure they know your name (and your domain names!) Laura shares that you should always clarify people’s names and pronunciations before you commence engaging with them, especially if you’re interviewing them for content marketing. 

Laura explains that speaking communication is a three-fold process. It’s verbal, vocal, and visual. What story are your words, tone, and body language telling? Your delivery changes the interpretation of words – delivering great words poorly is like dipping a pearl in mud. Poor words with great delivery is like putting lipstick on a pig. You need to master the words you say, the way you say them, and your body language to be an effective speaker. 

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