1017 – A Virtual Outsourced Marketing Department with Mavens & Moguls’ Paige Arnof-Fenn

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to Paige Arnof-Fenn, the founder and CEO of Mavens & Moguls

Mavens & Moguls is a virtual marketing department for companies that want an outsourced marketing team. Paige explores how she and her team look at a company’s marketing pain points. They do a deep dive of your social media accounts, your customer service journey, your existing content marketing, and more. They evaluate and determine where you’re performing well and where you need to improve. 

What Paige finds interesting in doing new marketing research is that companies claim to have already done their research. She explains that they might have done research with friends and family, but not necessarily a third-party, unbiased group. Only true unbiased market research, someone you hire independently, can give you the truth about what you’re trying to market. 

An independent marketing professional can offer a “straight story” lens that will give you this honest look. You can even use inexpensive survey software – as long as you don’t lead the witness. You need to do it yourself and ask truly unbiased questions that offer genuine, helpful feedback. Only quality feedback (and it won’t always be good feedback) will end in quality results. Paige says to push and probe, ask your audience why they feel how they do about your marketing. 

The dangers of doing an unobjective survey or study? Well, Josh explains that no one is smarter than the market. If you don’t get good data, you just won’t see the traction you’re looking for. 

Paige explains how to prioritize once you get good market data. Budget is an important factor, meaning you need to prioritize and fix one thing at a time. She explains that you need a good foundation if you want to scale and build. Do you have the right words, visuals, and designs? Are you on social media? Is your website search engine optimized? Ask yourself these questions as you go through each step of your marketing strategy. 

Paige also shares that everyone has a platform when they’re online. She encourages entrepreneurs to be authentic to who they are and use what platforms work for them. Share things that are relevant to you, your mission, and your audience. Start small and build as you go and stay consistent. There are endless online marketing and networking opportunities – you just have to do the work. 

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