1019 – Efficiency and Scalability in Digital Marketing with Boomtime’s JP Clement

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO of Boomtime, JP Clement.

Boomtime is a next-generation digital marketing agency with a twist. Boomtime stands out and apart from other agencies because they productize their marketing services and sort them into packages that focus on different pain points. No matter where you struggle with your digital marketing, they have a specific package that will meet your needs. They also offer à la carte services to make digital marketing more efficient and scalable.

These packages are composed of various digital marketing subcategories and Boomtime has developed their own proprietary software to automate their systems and processes. Automation and relationship building can go hand in hand – if executed correctly. 

Josh and JP also explore LinkedIn's recent changes and the best digital marketing practices on the platform. Whether that’s optimizing your profile, how you use your voice, following up with true connections, and more, JP reminds us that LinkedIn is people connecting with other people (NOT companies.) LinkedIn's algorithm is changing, but just like utilizing SEO with Google, you CAN make LinkedIn work for you.

JP also says your email is actually your greatest asset. Boomtime's capture package is all about adding good prospects to your email list — you own your email forever, so you'll never need to worry about losing your email-based network.

You can capture email addresses from LinkedIn in order to expand your email network through the true connections you've made on LinkedIn. Don't forget to ask for email addresses when you post value-driven content for all to see. When you offer value, asking your audience to opt-in is both appropriate and effective.

JP also recommends you to pay close attention to your content marketing. This helps you automate aspects of your relationships through nurturing and drip campaigns. Staying top of mind is essential, so be ready to follow up nurture campaigns to continue staying relevant to your prospects. Holistic management of your email list is both extremely effective but also inherently tied to successful content marketing, so focus on those areas in 2022. 

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket and combine elements and subtypes of digital marketing to see optimal success. When you’re ready to engage with a digital marketing agency, be ready to get your social media ducks in a row and utilize multiple mediums for the best results. 

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