1021 – Systems and Processes in the Fitness Industry with MELD Fitness + Wellness’s Micah Logan

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of MELD Fitness + Wellness, Micah Logan. 

Micah got started in entrepreneurship and fitness by accident. Micah has worked in a variety of gyms and studios in leadership roles, and studio ownership came later for him as he educated himself and capitalized along the way. 

MELD Fitness + Wellness is also a franchise, so anyone can start their own boutique fitness micro-studios. Micah shares how he created a system that’s easy to follow and digest for franchisees, and how he accumulated the knowledge to teach others. Being undereducated and undercapitalized can be reversed, as these were the first obstacles Micah overcame in his business. 

Micah also shares how to add other revenue opportunities to boutique micro-studios, including smoothie bars, merchandise shops, and more. MELD Fitness + Wellness just launched and their first objective was to get their brand story out into the fitness industry. While MELD started in Boston, Micah shares that they intend on growing and expanding across the east coast. MELD also offers discounts to minorities and veterans to help make fitness, nutrition, and franchising more accessible to those who truly need it. 

Josh and Micah also talk about the differences between a franchisable business and a non-franchisable business. A business must be profitable, it must be scalable, and it must have integrated systems and processes in order to be franchisable, according to Micah. Repeatable and determinable steps are tied to systems and processes, so make sure these are outlined explicitly, especially if you plan on breaking into the fitness industry. Prioritizing systems and processes has been an inherent and core piece of how Micah has run his businesses in the fitness industry for over a decade, and he used every available moment and resource to improve these aspects of his business. 

Identifying and patching needs in your business starts first with systems and processes, but needs to constantly be refined and changed as your business scales. Always keep a close eye on your growth and whether or not your SOPs still meet your company’s needs and pain points. Your business needs to stay as consistent as you can make it, and if you notice things change day to day, record those changes so that those variables can be identified. 

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