1022 – Data Management with Unstructured Data with Unstruk Data’s Kirk Marple

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the founder and CEO of Unstruk Data, Kirk Marple. 

Unstruk Data unlocks the power of unstructured data by storing it in a data warehouse. Unstructured data can be anything from audio or visual data, and Kirk details that analytics can be run on geospatial and temporal unstructured data. This data can be analyzed using machine learning and artificial intelligence to show trends in a generated knowledge graph. 

Kirk explains how unstructured data is a core piece of what we as consumers do and use on the web. This data is typically referred to as “dark data” in the industry, which isn’t looked at for its value and is forgotten. Kirk sees the massive oversight this is, which is why Unstruk Data came about. Unstruk Data strives to triage a myriad of data for users in record time, with data being analyzed in real time while users are still in the field. 

Kirk got his start in software development and media processing. This common thread throughout his career drove him to start multiple businesses, earn roles in the corporate world, and once his experience came to fruition, the ideas behind Unstruk Data were born. Kirk built the platform over several years, then gained funding and built a core team that has launched them into the data management solutions space. 

Kirk also elaborates on how he gets the word out. Unstructured data isn’t necessarily a well known niche to business owners and it’s largely overlooked and taken for granted. If you’re not looking to expand your team or time expenditures, investing in the analysis of your unstructured data might be the right move to make to streamline your business. 

Unstruk Data believes that the analysis of unstructured data should become the norm in the industry and they consider their work a building block in data solutions across industries. They don’t target any one vertical – because any space would benefit from collecting and evaluating this sort of data. If this data is adequately utilized and correlated, these databases can be connected to even larger, more streamlined databases. Kirk also explains how one of Unstruk’s design elements is that it is easy on the user and simple to navigate. They believe in making this data and analytic value accessible to business owners across industries. 

The future of data and data analytics is in the hidden value of unstructured data. These solutions are designed to push innovation, integration, and collaboration throughout countless verticals. 

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