1025 – Emotional Intelligence with Ei4Change’s Robin Hills

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to Robin Hills, the founder and CEO of Ei4Change. For 16 years, Robin has been advocating and raising the awareness of emotional intelligence. He explains that emotional intelligence is a fundamental principle of life.

Josh asks Robin what emotional intelligence is, and Robin explains that it is utilizing our emotions to make good decisions. However, emotions are constant and they fluctuate, which affects the way we think, communicate, and engage with others.

Ei4change works with anyone interested in learning more about themselves. They focus on improving especially business relationships and communications. Leadership, team work, and relationships are where Ei4Change specialize.

Ei4Change offers unique and valuable courses to teach emotional intelligence skills and techniques. Robin also explores how critical it is that leaders are highly aware of themselves and their impact on their team. What makes leaders good at what they do is that their emotional intelligence sets them apart and drives their decisions. 

Emotion can also be used strategically; Robin says that it’s easy to become angry, but once you're angry, what do you do with that emotion? How you handle and utilize these emotions are all a part of emotional intelligence. Leaders should always lead with empathy first. 

Leaders should also lead with self-awareness – to know their own weaknesses and be able to work around them. Emotional intelligence can also be utilized for negative reasons, such as manipulating an audience. Robin warns that good leaders should be very conscious of how they utilize their emotional intelligence. These skills should never be used for personal, malicious gain.  

Understanding your own emotional peaks and valleys is an important part of stress relief, too – often the areas that aren’t your strengths give you the most anxiety. Understanding how to better yourself starts with the areas you’re weakest in. Taking steps towards self betterment starts with the recognition and acceptance of your weaknesses. Embrace them to improve and move forward. 

Robin also talks about how you can utilize unpleasantness to positively work through each day. Treating bad moments as opportunities for fresh starts is one way to frame things with newfound positivity. 

Robin also stresses the importance of self care. Self care helps you understand and accept yourself, stay nourished and well in all ways, and improves your relationships with others. Take care of yourself to take care of the people you care about. 

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