1026 – eCommerce and Marketing with Intentionality with eCommerce Badassery’s Jessica Totilla Coster

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks with the founder and CEO of eCommerce Badassery, Jessica Totilla Coster. 

Josh and Jessica explore the importance of holistic and authentic branding. Jessica shares that you should always brand with intentionality and don’t be afraid to be yourself with your audience. The people you’re meant to work with will find you – if you’re authentic. Jessica also acknowledges that this takes time, trials, and iterations. Just be yourself and dedicate yourself to always improving incrementally over time. 

They also discuss how so much can change quickly when you’re focused on the right things. Understanding that you’re never done developing is key to constantly growing for the better. 

At a high level, Jessica helps eCommerce business owners grow their traffic, sales, and profits through a few different ways. Email marketing is one of the main areas where Jessica can help. She discusses the various email marketing platforms that are ideal for eCommerce traffic and how she noticed that eCommerce businesses didn’t utilize the medium enough. This is why Jessica started her business – she knew eCommerce businesses didn’t experiment with email marketing enough. Jessica can also help with SEO, driving traffic, and more. 

Jessica has built community and relationships with her clients. She serves her clients by building custom email marketing strategies for them, from scratch. She digs deep into their customers' journeys and how they can improve things from the ground up. 

Jessica says she really stresses teaching her clients how to do what she does. She’s also launching a membership program in 2022. 

She also talks about the misconception that eCommerce is akin to passive income. Jessica clarifies that there’s necessary hard work and ‘shiny objects’ to avoid. Every business needs to invest where their company needs it, rather than following marketing fads. Focus on your customer and what they need from you, and listening to your customer base will always teach you more than your competitors’ strategies. Provide value, create relationships. She also reminds the listener to remember that not every client will fit with you, and if you’re real and authentic with your branding, the right clients will come. 

Josh and Jessica also discuss how to fix major issues with organization, time management, and other problems that have to be fixed over time. Remember that major changes take time and be willing to give yourself that time to grow. 

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