1027 – Digital Wine and Spirits Sampling with Shared Spirit Marketing’s Sherman Mohr

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to Sherman Mohr, the co-founder of Shared Spirits Marketing. 

Shared Spirits Marketing digitizes sampling across the wine and spirits space. Their technology allows people to maintain digital credits online across various bars and spirits manufacturers. 

This technology offers a new, innovative way for these manufacturers to take ownership of their relationships with their customers – and create new loyal ones in the process. This is all about networking and credit distribution. Their marketing strategy creates a network of restaurants and bars that will promote and distribute these cocktail credits to market these brands and beverages. 

Sherman explains that the primary marketing goal of these manufacturers is to have the customer truly experience their drinks. These experiences translate into loyalty and preference for customers – brands simply need to get their beverages into the hands of their customers once to forge a lifelong loyalty based on that first experience. 

Their technology also offers artisan/craft drinks more menu traffic than they ever would have received otherwise, which is how smaller brands can get in a backbar and become popular and well known. Not to mention that this will greatly increase bar and restaurant traffic. No matter what side you fall on, this technology is totally revolutionizing the wine and spirits digital marketing space. The ownership of these brands' relationships with customers can also be further fostered by influencer marketing. 

Sherman also shares the origin story of Shared Spirits Marketing and how the business came to fruition. Once the technology was created, they launched and began their journey. 

Sherman shares that juggling the various aspects of marketing in the wine and spirits industry is difficult but necessary, including staying connected to the consumer, distributors, and more. Sherman explains that until a company has network effects, a company can’t scale. No matter what space you’re in, always prioritize having a network effect. 

Josh and Sherman explore the restaurant marketing model at Shared Spirits Marketing – they provide restaurants free access to their program and encourage them to market their presence on the platform. This platform allows restaurants to reach hundreds of new customers at an extremely low cost – an invaluable resource in this space. Acquiring new customers is easier for restaurants in Shared Spirits’ network, and Sherman discusses the data behind this. 

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