1028 – Business Solutions for Creative Professionals with Business of Design’s Kimberley Seldon

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to Kimberley Seldon, the Advocate in Chief of Business of Design. She’s also a TV personality in Toronto, Canada. 

Business of Design helps professional creative designers build businesses that thrive. Kimberley explains that there’s a massive gap in what creative professionals are taught about business in school. Business of Design seeks to fill that gap with project management and business profit solutions. 

Kimberley explains the origin of Business of Design and about how it grew organically over time and has now become the industry’s only true resource on the topic. She stresses that the one thing these creative professionals didn’t learn in design school was business skills. 

Kimberely also explains that she grew into her business role. She always thought she was the only one struggling in her space – but she wasn’t alone. As she started sharing her experiences publicly as a TV personality, she realized that other creative designers all over Canada (and now across the world) had the same issues she did. 

Josh and Kimberley also discuss how the supply chain crisis has impacted the interior design space – lengthened timeframes and delays have greatly impacted the space. 

Kimberely explores her busy schedule; she’s an interior designer in the morning, a business owner in the afternoon, and a TV personality, too! She has a lot of creative ‘irons in the fire’ and she loves what she does. 

Kimberley advises new creative professionals to always prioritize satisfying your current customers. Don’t focus too heavily on marketing starting out – your best resources are your repeat and referral clients. Make sure to prioritize correctly and create happy clients and good relationships. 

She also mentions those creative professionals who don’t necessarily charge enough for their work because their partners might make enough income to keep things comfortable. Kimberley says to hustle anyway and build a business, don’t sell yourself short because you don’t need to in order to pay your bills. Always grind, hustle, and shoot high for yourself. 

Make sure to develop your discipline and feed your creative engine, always. Make sure you’re not underestimating how important it is to meet the basic needs of your business. Focus on making your clients happy and go from there; organic business will follow. 

Kimberley also stresses not to give away your work so easily – make sure the pro bono work you do really offers you direct benefits and referrals. 

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