1032 – Marketing Tips for 2022 with Attention Grabbing Media’s Manuel Suarez

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Attention Grabbing Media’s Manuel Suarez.

Manuel believes that an incredible first impression starts with having an amazing studio. This grants you a level of authority even just starting out, because you were willing to spend the time and money to present yourself fantastically. You come off as professional, successful, and intentional. Investing in yourself – and how others perceive you – grants you an excellent advantage in any vertical. 

Josh and Manuel also talk about how to stand out better in your space on social media. Manuel shares that he developed a term – “omnispreading.” This is a way to describe your content strategy. You’ll see optimal success by putting yourself everywhere, on every medium. You attract all sorts of unique traffic you wouldn’t have otherwise. This is the ideology behind Manuel’s strategy. 

Building your content starts with volume, but needs to improve in quality over time. Never stop improving, because you only have a few seconds (about six, according to Manuel) to grab a consumer’s attention. This is how you really stand out from the crowd.

Manuel and his family built Attention Grabbing Media from the ground up and it has seen tremendous growth over the last couple of years. They believe in investing in your future to open doors for you now, and they’ve lived by that sentiment.

Attention Grabbing Media strives to educate business owners on how to maximize their social media presence. They can also help to scale eCommerce businesses, provide various levels of education, offer marketing takeover services, and more. 

Manuel shares his marketing thoughts towards companies in 2022. Overall, he advises brand owners with less than 3 products to hold off on advertising (focus on building your brand.) Another best practice? If you’re product-based, start on Amazon. Create your own traffic by starting with an organic content strategy. 

Manuel also offers some other nuggets. Focus on the present and the future. These are two separate strategies, though. Focusing on the present moment means that if you’re trying to offer services, Facebook will be a never ending source of leads. If you have a few products (3 – 6), create content around those products that shows people how it can solve problems. Focusing on the future means omnispreading and putting yourself everywhere. Offer value, build out and invest in your social media presence, and you’ll see long term success.

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