1033 – Health-Powdered Producivity Rader Co.’s Marcey Rader

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the founder of Rader Co., Marcey Rader. 

Rader Co. is a health-powdered productivity company. They work with people on their emails, tasks, time boundaries, and more – but not at the expense of their health. At Rader Co., health and wellness come first. They help their clients make their work time more effective so later, their time for wellness is maximized. 

Josh and Marcey discuss information input and how most people are always engaged in processing information. Everyone needs no or low sensory moments. Remember, don’t fear boredom – letting your mind wander allows you to be creative and strategic.

Marcey also explains that entrepreneurs tend to tunnel, especially in the age of back-to-back Zoom meetings. Our brains become accustomed to the endless grind, so much so that we don’t give ourselves time to innovate and change. 

Marcey also explores how switch tasking and meditating have their purpose and place in life. However, you really should give yourself moments of ‘white space’ – this is when ideas come and it also gives your brain an opportunity to rest, according to Marcey. Going remote has made each day more taxing on the brain, so you have to give yourself these breaks. 

Josh also talks to Marcey about the dopamine and interruptive responses behind notifications. She advises that you silence notifications during moments/blocks where you need to be focused. It’s even more tiring for your brain to switch between moments and contexts all day long. 

Marcey also explains multitasking versus switch tasking. These are not the same things – switch tasking involves moving between tasks quickly and back and forth. Multitasking, truly, is error prone and not reliable. Switch tasking can cause burnout easily, though, so be careful with interruptions and notifications. 

Josh and Marcey explore how leaders can help their remote workers avoid this type of burnout, too. Be a leader who sets precedents and boundaries your contractors and employees will follow. Don’t expect anyone to answer at night or on weekends or holidays – and tell them that. You can talk about having balance, but make sure you’re reflecting what you want to model. Your employees follow your lead, so set the example.

A best practice? Delay and schedule your outbound messages. If you don’t want to forget to ask an employee something, but don’t want to forget, schedule the message for the next morning.  

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