1036 – Proximity and Relationship Building with Steve Sims

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with speaker, coach, author, and creative disruptor, Steve Sims

Steve Sims came from humble beginnings as a brick layer – and ended up creating the world’s first experiential concierge firm for billionaires. Steve would create the most WOW experiences for the richest people across the planet. The truth? Steve wanted to know why these billionaires had their wealth. This is what he focused on more than anything as his business grew. He interviewed the wealthiest people on earth and wrote a book – The Art of Making Things Happen. His book went viral, so to speak, and he had readers all over the globe. The book made bestseller lists, and Steve officially became a coach and industry disrupter. 

Josh and Steve also explore the premise that proximity leads to familiarity, which leads to know, like, and trust in the networking world. How do you position yourself, though, to invite yourself into high-level conversations? Steve shares his thoughts; always enter conversations by bringing something to the table first. Ask no less than two questions before logistics or details – find a way to immediately show you want to offer value. 

Make sure not to put yourself in a negative position with someone by acting familiar before you nurture the relationship. Show up with value and allow the lead to invite you in – build up relationship credibility, introduce yourself and your intentions, and lead with value. It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter who you meet, these methods work in relationship and proximity building. Don’t start transactional and lead with service. 

Focus on the other person when you create your brand and market yourself. Your brand needs to amplify you and what you do best. Be the solution to someone’s problem, that’s all that matters. Being yourself shouldn’t be something to avoid; embrace and share yourself authentically and let the natural attraction start. 

Be on brand and be yourself – if you’re unconventional, full of passion and character, and you break the status quo, show that to your customer base. You stand out, stay memorable and top of mind, and if you start with offering value, you’ll attract the right people and repel the wrong people. Don’t let your leads sit on the fence – their honest gut reaction to you and your brand is actually what you want! Stand up, be yourself, and let the right leads come through. 

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