1037 – Starting Your Own Passive Ecom Store with Ecom Automation Gurus’ Kirk Cooper

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the founder and CEO of Ecom Automation Gurus, Kirk Cooper. 

Ecom Automation Gurus was founded to give people the opportunity to run a business passively. This allows you to work your 9 to 5 job or run your other business, yet be the owner of your own passive ecommerce business. 

Kirk shares that he learned about ecommerce when he needed to find a way to generate revenue each day, passively. He did his research, began operating, and took the right steps to increase his success. A piece of the puzzle? Dropshipping is one example of a key component that increases ecom success. 

In any case, Kirk shares that this business model works but demands a lot of your time to start. But what if you could outsource this management to another team? This is where Ecom Automation Gurus comes in. 

Leveraging retailers and supplies is also part of the system. By automating price mismatches and streamlining listings, you’re always generating profit. 

Josh also asks Kirk about the product motivation of your business – do you choose what products to sell, or follow the market? The reality is that you need to see where the monetary opportunity is in what’s being sold at your store. It’s going to be an online superstore, so be ready for that if you enter the space.

Kirk also talks about how to source the products. Kirk wasn’t leveraging software to start, but you can find product information and pricing by searching for wholesale items that you can sell for cheaper than what your takeaway would be after Amazon collects their cut. This is possible without fancy software, so you can let this trickle and grow as you operate your business. 

You’re probably asking whether the opportunity to do this is still there. The answer? Absolutely! You’re selling brand name items at the end of the day. Optimize your listings and have the systems to refine all of this. How do you optimize your listings? Adjust your prices often and follow the trends. Amazon can actually measure how often you update your listings and operate your store, so the longer you spend (or have outsourced teams spend) working on optimizing your store, the more likely Amazon will be to partner with and feature your store. 

The biggest risk with this space is that Amazon’s rules and regulations are what goes. You’re not in control of those changes or when they’ll want to review your account and look things over. Understand that Amazon’s rules dictate moments of pause in your business, so prepare for that. 

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