1040 – Investing in Marketing that Differentiates You with The E5 Method’s Todd Brown

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the author of The E5 Method, Todd Brown.

Todd also does work in the marketing world, helping entrepreneurs that are looking to grow from 1 to 10 – 12 million in revenue and are also looking to do it on the back of effective direct response marketing.

The E5 Method is a process for engineering the front-end customer or client acquisition marketing campaign that almost any entrepreneur can use to predictably source buyers from paid media. Todd breaks this down further.

There are five stages, the first being the examination stage. This is all about examining your prospects, competitors, and products they’re selling. You need to know what your goals are, your major pain points, and then you also assess your competitors. When you engineer your own campaign using the E5 method, you’re developing a campaign using a superior, irresistible, no-brainer offer (a SIN offer, according to Todd.)

Todd also stresses that differentiation is key. If you allow your product or service to commodify, your price points are dependent upon market value. There are two main ways to differentiate your offer – one is having a USP (unique selling proposition), the second is how your product or service works to deliver results consumers care about. This is a unique “mechanism” that diversifies that brand, according to Todd, and why examining competitors is so important.

From a strategic perspective, you have to differentiate, but where the E5 Method sets itself apart is how it tactically applies those strategies. The way that many entrepreneurs try to differentiate themselves is typically ineffective. The truth? Commerce has changed and what used to be valuable points of differentiation aren’t as valuable now. Tactically, what you do to differentiate yourself is more effective. Identify your company’s unique mechanism (how it delivers the results you’re promising and how it’s different from your competitors) and leverage that to set yourself apart in your vertical.

At the end of the day, educate your audience about your company’s mechanism and describe how you are truly the best solution on the market. This is how you position yourself with a key differentiating factor to consumers.

What consumers care about is that they don’t necessarily want an improvement, they want something new that can replace an old system or product. When you can demonstrate to your market that your product or service works in a unique way and prove that, you have adequately differentiated yourself. You’re offering to replace an old method, not improve upon what’s existing.

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