1041 – Improve Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate with Wunderkind’s Andres Moran

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to Andres Moran, the General Manager and VP of Wunderkind

Wunderkind is a software/SaaS that helps their clients convert website visitors into customers. Their team creates one-to-one messaging to pull leads further into the conversion funnel. 

Once you take the action and show you’re invested in the consumers’ interests and send them these messages, you're much more likely to create a sale. This can be done through triggered emails or text messages. Wunderkind also uses unique ad formats that are behaviorally triggered so ads aren’t intrusive or interrupting to consumers. 

Josh and Andres also explore what sets Wunderkind apart. Almost every E-commerce company uses triggered emails, but they’re only able to do that if the user actually has a website login and didn’t checkout as a guest. Wunderkind can identify if a company has permission to send a user who visited a website triggered emails – if so, you can reach far more consumers who visit your website later on with these emails, no sign up necessary. This type of marketing subtly guides the consumers through products that fit them and what they’ve expressed interest in before on an online storefront. 

Tech and insight leverage is vital, and that’s what Wunderkind can offer their clients. Wunderkind also doesn’t track you across websites – they only look at what you’ve liked in a specific store. Wunderkind is very privacy compliant and they are buttoned-up when it comes to data privacy. 

Wunderkind has worked with countless major brands and they’ve accomplished these milestones by having performance guarantees that Wunderkind themselves drive. These promises change the tone of a sales conversation and their social proof further speaks to their authority in their space.

Josh and Andres also explore when a company should consider working with a SaaS company like Wunderkind. They set this threshold at about 4 million in revenue annually for their E-commerce offering. 

Andres also explains that Wunderkind has used custom store frameworks in the past, but they’re actually steering away from that as they move into 2022. From a coding perspective, keeping uniformity is key. 

Brands don’t typically love to offer discounts on their items since it devalues the brand, but Andres explains that context is everything. If you offer a starter deal to get your consumer hooked on your brand, you won’t struggle to keep repeat customers and you won’t devalue your brand that way. 

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