1043 – A Virtual Wallet for Gift Cards with GiftPocket’s Brooke Yokam

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the founder and CEO of GiftPocket, Brooke Yokam. 

GiftPocket is the app that manages all of your gift cards for you. Brooke started GiftPocket when she was just 12 years old! GiftPocket solves the everyday (and ever pervasive) problem regarding losing your gift cards. Brooke shares that 10% of all gift cards purchased are never used – this is simply money lost. Keeping track of your gift cards has now been made easier than ever through the GiftPocket app. Gift cards are the number one requested gift in the country, so organizing them can only help ease your everyday life. Filing them away in bags and drawers only guarantees you’ll lose them. 

In the digital age, sending gift cards digitally is really the way that makes the most sense. GiftPocket allows you to add your gift card to your virtual wallet and it will generate a code for scanners at stores. Your gift cards are all neatly kept and maintained, without the fuss of keeping track of plastic cards and in your wallet or around the home. 

Brooke shares her story and how she became inspired to solve this problem. A childhood experience turned into Brooke’s journey to building GiftPocket. 

A fun feature? On GiftPocket, you can exchange gift cards for others! There’s about 3,000 brands GiftPocket works with that you can choose from. You can also accumulate GP Points, GiftPocket’s in-app currency, to purchase other gift cards to add to your wallet. 

Brooke explained how her platform connects brands to gift card buyers (something they’re not legally allowed to know otherwise.) GiftPocket offers a fresh network of buyers to brands in an innovative way. 

Every brand is different, Brooke shares, and all have their pain points as to why gift cards go unused. GiftPocket is an aggregator of various brands, and they’re  streamlining using gift cards, which always benefits the customer. 

Using GiftPocket is as easy as downloading the app and adding them to your virtual wallet. Brooke shares that she’s always seeking new users and loves to do demographic research on college campuses. 

Brooke shares a final nugget – the lifeblood of their platform is local businesses and vendors. They love giving brands that platform on their app and they appreciate reaching new customers by partnering with these brands. 

You can search for GiftPocket in the App store and Google Play! 

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