1044 – The Future of Customer Engagement with Engagency’s Jason Perry

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the founder, President, and CEO of Engagency, Jason Perry. 

Engagency is a company that creates a personalized marketing experience that actually works for large corporations. Josh and Jason explore what works well in customer engagement today. Jason shares that what works well is creating a user experience that is the ‘path of least resistance’ for all of your market. Now matter what field you’re competing in, your end goal is keeping your customers engaged for the lifetime of your relationship with them. You need to organize the user experience so that it shaves off annoying extras and things that detract from the experience for consumers. 

There’s also been massive progress when it comes to market testing and experimentation. These studies help companies discover why their audience buys and how to engage with them more. Jason also shares that “engaging” is really just a matter of staying relevant and top of mind to your audience.

Jason also explores some consumer trends and how businesses engage today with their audiences. The most obvious trend right now is personalization marketing, which is very popular. Jason shares that artificial intelligence is coming into play for marketing firms, too. The work that goes into correlating data points for market research manually is both expensive and extensive, but companies that use machine learning and artificial intelligence to sort this data are ahead of the curve. Jason predicts that in the future, A.I. will be able to create images and ads on its own (maybe in real time!) His hope is that the future of artificial intelligence and personalization marketing will benefit the consumer and create positive business relationships for companies. 

Engagency tends to work with enterprises and companies that average over a billion dollars in revenue annually, with a large customer base. They come in,clean up, and organize these companies and the end result is a complete digital transformation. Engagency puts their clients at ease and gets things working and functional. 

Jason also shares some best practices on how to engage better with your customers. First of all, make a phone call to a good, reputable hosting company. You want to invest in good online performance early on so that it’s not an obstacle as you grow. You also want to invest in a security suite, especially if you’re in a regulated industry. Keep it simple, protected, and responsive. Keeping it simple is the play right now, so don’t overthink the engagement process. Hire a great designer who captures your vision and start with these few best practices to pave the way for the future. 

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