1045 – Taking Care of You to Take Care of Your Business with Isaac Ho

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Isaac Ho

Isaac’s areas of expertise are helping entrepreneurs increase cash flow and helping them outsource work they want to delegate so they can improve their quality of life. He shares there's only two ways to make more money in business – raise your prices or sell more. To dig in and improve that process, you also have to improve your own quality of life.

Issac shares that in the beginning, he strived for success due to his own feelings of inadequacies. He eventually hit a point of extreme burnout and he became quite ill. This forced him to take a good look at his business and his health. His poor health resulted in his inability to grow his business for two months. He shares that you have to love yourself enough to want to give yourself a good quality of life. 

Josh and Issac dive deeper into this. Be willing to love yourself, even if sometimes it’s not the most logical thing to do. Be kind and generous to yourself by, at times, giving yourself what you desire and loving yourself enough to do that without remorse. 

Josh also shares that there is value in giving yourself nice, emotionally abundant things so you can experience the success you’ve earned. This can also translate to business investments, though, Issac explains. 

He shares that you should ask yourself the same question in business; are you going to be kind enough to yourself to hire someone to delegate work to? Are you going to love yourself and your business enough to invest in your growth? Learning new skill sets and pivoting towards better patterns are the fastest and most sustainable ways to grow yourself and your business. 

Issac also shares that in order to have a breakthrough, you have to love yourself enough to take on the risk of failure. He tells you to ask yourself what your pattern is for NOT succeeding. If you’re the common variable, accept that, forgive yourself, and find a better pattern to adopt. Don’t keep repeating the same process over and over without changing things if you don’t find success. Love yourself enough to do the legwork to better yourself and your business. 

Josh and Issac also talk about how sometimes entrepreneurs get caught up in their own subconscious and they aren’t always coachable. Sometimes, it takes hard breakthroughs, self searching, and an honest look in the mirror. You can only succeed here if you have enough self-love to do it, so be willing to put forth the effort to grow. 

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