1046 – Consistency and Giving First with Claire Bahn

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to personal brand strategist and the CEO and founder of the Claire Bahn Group, Claire Bahn. 

Claire works with both concierge clients and she also coaches individually and in groups. She typically works with angel investors, entrepreneurs in the high 6 to 7 figure range, and executives. 

Claire and Josh explore what brands should be doing right now in her space. For one thing, she believes in an omnichannel approach when it comes to social media. She also advises that you take a hard look at your website. You could likely be doing more to improve your SEO, and this is where many entrepreneurs fall short. 

Branding today compounds upwards. The more you improve and add to your brand, the more you own your story and push your brand’s message forward. Claire shares some trends she’s seen that you should avoid – for one thing, there’s not enough consistent content. You need to consistently share and create content that helps and serves your audience in order to really show people that you love to serve. This expedites the know, like, and trust process. She sees too much focus on sales sales and not enough on giving in the coaching space. It needs to be insanely easy to get to know you as a person – so create content to share this with your audience. 

PR is also changing. Right now, it’s about utilizing someone else’s platform to give your knowledge in an act of service – all the while, you’re engaging with new audience members. 

Claire shares that ultimately, you need to give more than you get and more than you ask. You need to be generous and altruistic at heart. 

At the end of the day, you also need to truly be an expert. You can’t just say you can do something – you have to show your audience that you can through valuable and consistent content. 

Claire also shares that social media, branding, and marketing aren’t overnight processes. It takes consistency because it takes time. You have to give great information consistently with your content and do it all the time. It’s not going to get you millions of followers overnight, but if you show up and deliver with that consistency, you absolutely will see the results. 

Networking is also key. You have to work to increase the visibility of your peers so that they are willing to increase yours. There always has to be a ‘give’ first – serve your network and your network will take care of you. 

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