1047 – Executive Leadership Coaching with Stephynie Malik

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with CEO and founder of SMALIK Enterprises, Stephynie Malik. 

Stephynie is a global business consultant who does high-impact performance coaching for her clients. She helps executives oversee massive teams become more refined and better business leaders. 

Josh and Stephynie explore leadership “blind spots” and how to be more cognizant of them. Stephynie shares that it depends on the executive. How open are you? How well do you listen? These are the questions to ask when looking for your own blind spots. Listen with everything, not just your ears. How does your team engage with you as you walk around the office? Do you engage with them, or do you keep your eyes on your phone? Stephynie shares that you should engage and talk with your team more often to form better leadership relationships. 

Josh also shares that there are some pretty incredible consequences if you’re not self-reflective as a leader. Stephynie shares that it’s much harder to coach executives and leaders who don’t see their own issues at all. It’s a long road and takes deep human behavioral changes to improve as leaders. 

Stephynie shares that in order to change, you have to be willing to work. There has to be real stakes and you need to prioritize improvement truly and deeply in order to succeed. Change yourself before you ever try to change your systems or team and always set goals and visions for what success looks like. You and your team work towards the same greater good, so build off of that foundation. 

Josh and Stephynie also talk about the “don’ts” of leadership. Stephynie explored some tools that she prefers over others; personality tests and analytics tools are nice, but that’s only a piece of things. Be willing to talk to your team in an “outside of the office” sense. Treat them like human beings with lives outside of their job and take an interest in their development. Ask them mindful questions during reviews and conversations and be as invested in their growth as they are. Stephynie shares that at the end of the day, it’s not about how you get all of this information… It’s about how you handle your team, it’s about what you do with that information. Treat your team like they matter, pay attention to what their needs are, and choose your professional family with unprecedented accuracy. 

Stephynie shares that she meets SMB owners where they are. She wants to deeply understand where they are personally and professionally to help them see these issues and grow as leaders. 

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