1048 – Bringing Business Ideas to Life with RLVNT Media’s Tina Wells

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to author and founder of RLVNT Media, Tina Wells

Tina Wells started her first business as a marketing agency when she was only 16. This led her to become a product reviewer, which then led her to a career in market research. For over 20 years, she passionately ran a millennial-focused marketing firm. During this time, she became a bestselling tween author. Honing in on this creativity led Tina to found RLVNT Media and become an author on a new content venture. 

Josh and Tina also discuss how marketing is one of the only industries you could break into as a young person and become as successful as Tina has. Tina’s advice to young people today looking to follow the same path – just do it. Just start, make mistakes, learn lessons, and embrace failure. Learn from your failures and apply those lessons. This is a lot easier when you’re young, Tina shares. 

Tina works with business owners today by focusing on how to bring business ideas to life. She assesses what needs to change and be pivoted and shares that she enjoys the creative process of working directly with her clients. Tina shares she learns a lot from her clients, too, and this is part of why she truly loves her work. 

Tina talks about where newer businesses can get stuck. Do a small business check up or diagnostic. What’s working and what’s not? Take a hard, unbiased look at your systems, processes, and customer journey. 

Tina shares that she sees people thinking things in their business are working without pausing – and missing mistakes they would have caught had they done so. If you take pauses, you can better assess and predict. Future proofing is just as important as the day to day grind, to take the time to deeply and unbiasedly assess your business. 

Tina explained how she was able to dedicate her time to her creative passions at the same time that she ran a marketing agency. She treated her creative project like a client – she dedicated a little time to it every day. You have to be disciplined and actually set aside that time each day. Self development CAN create income – if you work on it consistently. 

Tina shares that entrepreneurs who see their challenges and want to formulate a plan are great fits for her work. Tina can help plan and execute a team-wide solution. Her ideologies can save you time and money as you try to grow your business for the better. 

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Check out RLVNT Media on LinkedIn at

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