1054 – Assessing Your Business’s Fitness with E3 Consulting’s Brad Tornberg

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the creator of E3 Consulting and Business Fitness University, Brad Tornberg. Brad is an author who offers a course all about business fitness. 

Brad shares that Business Fitness University started when he had a realization – when you compare entrepreneurs and their businesses to human anatomy, you catch some striking resemblances. Brad turned this realization into a course in order to help business owners achieve peak performance both for themselves and their businesses. 

Brad tends to work with small companies that are stuck trying to figure out how to scale and grow. You need people on your team who will help you look at things differently, and this is where Brad comes in. He helps especially with putting organizational structures into place. He can help startups or companies looking to scale. 

Josh and Brad discuss how many business owners have skewed perspectives – they may think they have an issue in one area, but Brad’s diagnostics might shed light on a lack of process or organization under the surface. You have to build off of an organized foundation to scale with success. Brad also shares that when he works with clients, they often work backwards when discussing goals and ambitions. He shares that some entrepreneurs can’t see far enough to plan and future-proof, while others are looking too far ahead and not paying attention to present issues. You need a balance of both perspectives, and that all begins with setting goals. 

Brad also discusses some common pain points he sees. Response time in customer service can often see improvement, and it’s one of the most priority areas to tackle, he shares. This often leads to the need for better logistical technology that can track vendors, stock, shipping, and more for customer service teams. There’s a lot of industry pain associated with the supply chain issues right now, so consider investing in tech to better assess these aspects of your business. 

Another major issue Brad sees is political issues within a small company's team. He shares that you have to lean in, operate with empathy, and be willing to be open and vulnerable. Facilitate team building with your employees and have an open door communication policy with a foundation built on trust and empathy. The team should work together towards a common goal, not operate as people working towards individual goals. 

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