1056 – Helping Service-Based Businesses to Grow with The Radix Group’s Robert Clinkenbeard

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO and founder of The Radix Group, Robert Clinkenbeard. 

The Radix Group primarily works with service-based, blue collar business leaders through two main methods. They offer one on one coaching that helps these leaders grow, scale, and plan for their business’s future. They also offer mastermind style group coaching where these leaders can share insights, challenges, and solutions with one another.  

When Robert works with businesses, he starts operationally and helps them operate a little leaner to begin with. Optimizing the execution of jobs and contracts requires efficiency. This is one way Robert can help these leaders improve their businesses. He can also help with the sales process, as well. 

One of the biggest issues Robert has seen is lost revenue. He’s also seen a lack of labor force and wages rising, which these business owners need help navigating. Some of the solutions might be a little outside the box, but seeking different job pools and networking is one approach that sees results. 

Robert also shares more about his mastermind. It’s facilitated every few months over the course of two days, and Robert has seen entrepreneurs come in and find solutions with insights shared at the mastermind he organizes. He creates a trusted, confidential environment for business owners to share their obstacles and deal with them. 

Josh and Robert also talk about the importance of attending masterminds and seeking advice from an expert. Robert says it’s great to be that busy, but as your company grows, so will your challenges. He encourages leaders to step away from their day to day business operations every so often and take a serious look at the big picture of your business. What are you missing when you get stuck in the weeds of daily work? This is why mentorship and masterminds are important. You need to be able to address the big picture issues, and one of the best ways to do that is to learn from other business leaders. 

Also consider that you need to be a leader to your team – and lead by example. Don’t constantly get stuck in the weeds or you risk becoming shortsighted. Don’t work so much in the operations of your business, rather work on your business. Align your team, lead by example, and remember to stay humble. Be willing to share your business challenges and ask for advice and solutions once you take steps to surround yourself with like-minded business leaders. 

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