1057 – The Truth About Dirty Electricity with Satic’s B.D.

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the CEO of Satic, B.D. Erickson. 

Satic is a tech firm that offers a line of clean energy products that they manufacture right in Montana, USA. They are the leaders in their field and their niche has exploded in recent years. They believe they are solar industry disruptors because they’ve created an innovative filter to use along with other types of solar technology. B.D. shares they are selling their products faster than they can produce them. 

Josh and B.D. explore how and why they designed their products to work optimally and with the highest quality. B.D. shares how Satic’s technology protects your electronics through the culmination of repurposed advanced wave-form and harmonics filtering technology. He also talks about the quality of electricity. The truth? There is such a thing as “dirty electricity” and it destroys your electronics over time.The voltage and amperage must be exact in order for it to work well with technology, but dirty electricity doesn’t have consistent voltage and amperage. EMFs are also real, and interference between these fields can also damage your electronics. 

B.D. talks about electromagnetic interference and how these occurrences cause harmonic distortion. He shares that you should always surge-protect your home electronics. Satic offers their filter that filters and conditions all of these aspects of your power usage. You’ll save on your power bill, protect your home’s electronics, your home will be more power efficient, and it’s made right here in the USA. 

Satic’s website details how their technology sets itself apart from its competitors. According to their website, each Power Perfect™ product is thoughtfully engineered with the specific goal in mind of effectively replacing what is currently available with a new paradigm being clean power. They also come with ten year warranties and 30-day return policies. 

A great partner to work with Satic would be either a solar company or a health practitioner. The massive savings brought to you by Satic’s technology are often seen on a large scale especially, so they often partner with those wanting to streamline and clean their commercial property power use. Residential homes can also definitely benefit from the use of Satic technology, especially over the course of many years. 

The best way to connect with and learn more about Satic and their team is to call or email them. 

Reach Satic by phone at (406)-493-1861. 

Want to connect with B.D.? Email him at

Want to learn more? Check out SaticShield at

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