1058 – The Value of Masterminds with Group Coach Nation’s Chris Williams

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the founder of Group Coach Nation, Chris Williams. 

Group Coach Nation helps experts develop high-ticket mastermind group coaching programs of their own. Chris shares that it’s just as easy to sell something low-ticket as it is to sell something high-ticket – so why not make more money in the process? He also shares that it helps these experts transform when they have some skin in the game that’s real and relevant. Why does transformation matter? Because you have to be willing to grow and get better at educating people on your expertise. 

Josh and Chris explore how important the delivery of information is – you might be an expert, but you won’t make any impact if you’re not teaching and delivering the information effectively. Chris also discusses the beauty of masterminds – because you and your audience are getting involved and engaged, this is a face to face process where everyone wins. You’ll see a lot more success selling mastermind seats than self-paced e-courses. Josh also discusses the benefits, pros and cons of selling high-ticket offerings. 

Chris discusses how engaging with someone you trust is so powerful – you know that someone is workable with you because they’ve earned your trust by proving their system works. 

Josh and Chris also discuss the differences between masterminds and coaching services. If you’re running a mastermind, you should have authority in your space but what matters more is that you truly are an expert. As long as you really know your stuff, there is a guarantee that there are people out there who want to learn what you know. Chris shares that each entrepreneur has their ‘place’ – they need to find their audience, but having heart is how you build a loyal audience base. 

Chris also talks about the myth that you ‘can’t’ start a mastermind or mingle with high-ticket people simply because of imposter syndrome. He talks about how it’s all about offering packages at every step of the process. You have to also be able to predictably generate your client base by reaching new people via networking. If you rely solely on referrals, you’re not prepared for economic shifts. You have to predictably and replacatably meet new people to share your offer with. 

You should also spend some time identifying the various personas of your prospects. Start watching for patterns when you connect with new people. Narrow down your client personas and tailor your content and sales tactics based on these observations. 

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