1062 – Properly Leveraging Your Podcast with Underdog Empowerment’s Zach Babcock

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the podcast host and founder of Underdog Empowerment,  Zach Babcock. 

Zach shares his story – he made some poor choices in his youth. He’s seen detention centers and prisons, but after he got out in 2014, he changed trajectory for the better. He shares that taking accountability and accepting responsibility for his choices was the first step towards the success he’s achieved. 

Zach also talks about how he became humbled by his experiences – however, he is a resilient and confident entrepreneur. His personality and experiences grant him intense grit and determination when it comes to his business. 

Within his first 6 months coming out of prison, he was profiting over $2,000 monthly. This doesn’t seem like a lot now, but at that time and coming from the situation he did, he was on a roll. 

Josh and Zach also talk about his work today. Zach loves podcasting, but shares that he stumbled into the space by total accident. He said he was reluctant at first to dive into podcasting and traditionally preferred the video medium. His prospects didn’t take him seriously at first because they made snap judgements based on Zach’s history. This is why he launched the Underdog Empowerment Podcast. Within a week, Zach went from being dismissed to being well regarded in with his guests. 

As far as his business goes, Zach offers various programs for entrepreneurs at different stages of growth. Primarily, Zach coaches entrepreneurs on how to build their audience – and how to adequately utilize their podcasts. Josh and Zach also agree that podcasting is the best medium to build relationships with your prospects. It’s not always easy, Zach says, but podcasting builds the know, like, and trust factors faster than almost any other medium. 

Josh and Zach also talk about the history of podcasting and how far the space has come since they first started. It’s simple – but it’s not always easy. It’s easy to start and create a podcast, but the hard part is the consistency. Many entrepreneurs have underlying fears around putting themselves out there; overcome these limiting beliefs and attach real commitment to your show. Zach talks about how many entrepreneurs don't make it past episode 13 when they start a podcast – they want their success overnight. The reality? You have to be consistent and work for it. It doesn’t come overnight. You have to dedicate yourself to consistently podcasting for a long period of time and properly leverage your podcast to reach your visibility and impact goals. 

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