1063 – Keeping Your Data Fresh with’s Sanjit Singh

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO of, Sanjit Singh. is a B2B contact data and intelligence provider. They have more than 4 million contacts worldwide in their database and they compete in terms of freshness. They see numerous updates and iterations each and every week. 

Sanjit shares his prediction for the future of lead gen; using artificial intelligence to generate leads takes away the transactional feeling of lead generation. He also shares that it’s important to deeply understand your customers and that you focus on only selling to those you know you can truly make happy. They should be fans, advocates, and evangelists when it comes to what you offer. 

Josh and Sanjit explore some of’s key differentiators – their freshness of data and their upcoming AI work. They help to keep your data “fresh” meaning you’re never worried about trying to find those good fits – the freshness keeps the data pool in your CRM moving. 

Josh also explores how SMBs can benefit from the use of these types of platforms and data. It can definitely help to grow their businesses and Sanjit shares that offers programs for entrepreneurs in all verticals and levels of growth. Those looking to grow can buy a small plan and work their way up. 

Sanjit shares how you can use the data. One way is to create cold lists, but he shares the better practice is to seek out the warmer leads by looking at who has visited your site. You’ll also have access to leads adjacent to those warm leads. Not only that, but you can custom curate contacts if you’re trying to target specific companies. Certain companies may be entrenched in LinkedIn/Sales Navigator and also has tools to address those needs, too. 

Using inexpensive sources for email addresses risks bad data, which risks bounce rates, which risks a bad reputation on your domain address. These are serious repercussions, so Sanjit recommends only ever sourcing quality data. Don’t use cheap email scrapers unless you’re comfortable with these risks. 

LinkedIn has unfortunately become a spam palace, as Sanjit puts it. It’s extremely tough to generate leads on LinkedIn right now, so you need to be making investments outside of Linkedin. A multi touch point outreach strategy is key to achieving standout marketing, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket and be ready to branch out and continue to grow. 

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