1065 – A Boots on the Ground, Self-Performing Contractor with ENCON’s David Indursky

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the owner and President of ENCON, David Indursky. 

Started in 1968, ENCON is a self-performing contractor in the mechanical electrical space. They serve most of the state of New Jersey in the commercial industrial sector. 

On their website, ENCON shares that it has built a legacy of trust, client care, collaboration, safety and industry leadership throughout its first 50 years. Now, it’s taking its evolving heritage and modernizing for the next 50 years of positive growth. 

The company started more than 50 years ago with a single humidifier installation and now features multiple divisions: Design/Engineering, Build, Connect, Maintain, Electrical Power Wiring & Systems. The core mission to create systems that help buildings run more efficiently and more comfortably remain Encon’s guiding principles.

Josh and David explore how taking over a family business can be an opportunity for growth and innovation. David shares that his father had the wisdom to know his son could offer a new perspective and this is how they had a smooth familial transition. Part of this is also achieved by earning the respect of your team. You have to work just as hard, especially if you’re carrying on a family legacy. Be willing to do the dirty work when you’re called upon to do so. 

David also discusses how ENCON has traversed the pandemic. He shares that his business was essential during the pandemic, so they invested in safety equipment to keep his team and customers safe. They have continued their successful work throughout the pandemic, all while being thoughtful and aware of what was going on in the world they operated in. 

David also shares how ENCON priotritzes their employees’ family and home lives. Their leadership teams want their people to see their families and attend their kids’ ball games and recitals. Being grateful for your team and respecting that they have lives just as much as they have jobs is key. 

One of the biggest leadership challenges David shares he has experienced was the lack of engagement with his team during the pandemic. They’ve had to work entirely remotely and he’s missed the ‘little things’ with his employees. 

They have internal and external people they’re looking to work with; they’re always looking for young, talented people and they offer a lot of training in their industry. Externally, if you own a large building or campus in the tri-state area, feel free to contact ENCON. They’re a boots on the ground solution and a self-performing contractor. 

Want to learn more? Check out ENCON’s website at

Check out David Indursky on LinkedIn at

Check out ENCON on LinkedIn at

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