1066 – Don’t Live on the Promise of “Some Day” with Life Design’s Carlos Hidalgo

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to life design coach, advisor, and founder of Life Design, Carlos Hidalgo. 

For the last 25 years, Carlos had been a marketer. He’s worked for massive brands before embarking on his first entrepreneurial venture – he’s worked for himself ever since. Since then, his consultancy has grown, he learned lessons along the way, started a second consultancy, and he wrote a book. Now, he’s coaching people on how to live their lives by design.

Carlos shares that companies get caught in the “shiny new object” syndrome – all while losing focus of what really matters; doing the basics and truly connecting to your customer. Know what your customers need and want to feel and empathize with them. 

Carlos’s book, The Unamerican Dream, is an autobiography about how he misprioritized his life by putting his family on the back burner to grind at work. As he dived into his own business, he realized many of his peers felt the same misery in their work. America has a problem with overworking, and while we do live in the land of opportunity, we are all chronic workaholics. If heart disease is on the rise as a result of work stress, something is definitely wrong. 

Life should be lived by design, rather than lived as a rat race. Carlos and Josh discuss the ways that Carlos changed his life after he had these realizations. After he hit rock bottom, he relocated to live a simpler life. Ask yourself why you’re working as hard as you do and what for. Don’t think about your business plan – think about your LIFE plan and fit work in where it will. Work is only a part of your life, and it shouldn't be your number one priority. 

Carlos works with his clients to discover what they really want out of life, how they need to start making changes to achieve that, and then they work on execution. He offers one on one coaching for a more individualized and intimate approach. He also offers cohort coaching, which just launched in January of 2022. This is a mix of peer and one on one coaching, which is where he felt he saw a need in his space. 

At the end of the day, you don’t have to make a massive change in a single day. Take daily strides towards what you want. You don’t need to give up your lifestyle or wealth, you have to strategize the ways in which you can live well and work less. 

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