1067 – Finding Your Mountain with Inspired Purpose Coaching’s Tony Martignetti

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Inspired Purpose Coaching, Tony Martignetti.

Tony details that he helps accomplished leaders climb the right mountains and connect with their own inspired purposes. Even high achievers can get lost when trying to find their purpose, and this is where Inspired Purpose Coaching can help. 

Tony shares that he does both one and one coaching as well as facilitated group activities that help these leaders grow as a team. Bringing people together really made a big impact, Tony observed, and so this is how he does a lot of his work. Team building can be one of the best ways to uncover your purpose. 

Tony also explores the lessons he learned from his own experiences. He spent most of his life in the biomedical field – but he realized something was missing in his life. He was left feeling unfulfilled, burned out, and ultimately not happy. He wanted to change the view from his “mountaintop”, and so he tried something new, and this is how he found the path to coaching. 

Josh and Tony explore how to know when you’re climbing the wrong mountain. Is each day feeling more like a chore? What is causing your lack of fulfillment? Tony shares thoughts on which paths to explore and take and he advises experimenting rather than taking a big leap until you’re ready. Don’t put it off forever, either, but don’t rush into things when you need to do some soul searching first. Tony says that taking time for yourself to sort through these feelings and let these thoughts settle and reveal themselves is critical. Finding a new path requires adopting new perspectives. 

Tony and Josh also talk about finding balance. There’s never a one size fits all solution to a problem – sometimes you have to take a step back and ask yourself if the results of what you want to do will have a negative impact. You have to move fast and slow and be both compassionate and accountable. Balance is the starting point, but that goes hand in hand with being humble in the face of new challenges. You won’t have all the answers when the world is constantly changing – but you can solve problems flexibly. Offer intellectual humility, admit when you’re not the expert, and be transparent with both yourself and your team to truly live your inspired purpose. 

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