1069 – Investing in Oil and Gas with PetroFunders’ Maurice Dukes

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO and Fund Manager at PetroFunders, Maurice Dukes. 

PetroFunders is a fintech-powered investment platform that aims to provide income from the oil and gas industry in a simple and easy fashion. They offer an online dashboard where people can check their investments and distributions. They've created the oil and gas version of a real estate investment trust. They have a vehicle someone can subscribe to and leverage PetroFunders’ oil and gas expertise. At that point, PetroFunders can go and buy royalties on that person’s behalf. Royalties are portions of income strains that are already creating cash flow.

Marucie shares what makes this attractive to investors. For one, the oil and gas industry is generally low risk. They only purchase royalties, they aren't going out and drilling to find new oil. They only deal in cash flow. Due to inflation, this is a natural hedge that investors are looking at. It can fit in many different types of portfolios and it is accessible to more diverse income backgrounds.

Maurice’s background is in petroleum engineering. He ended up in asset management and corporate management of assets across the country. As a fund manager, that experience gives him an edge. He's not just coming from finance, he’s coming from asset management and petroleum engineering. 

Josh asks Maurice what types of investments people should look at the oil and gas space. He shares that the people typically attracted to this space are those who need income as part of their portfolio. Oil and gas exposure can help protect your portfolio from inflation. Consistent, regular income entering your portfolio can hedge off higher inflation prices. This is one of the most accessible platforms to use to gain access to investing in the oil and gas industry. Their platform lets anyone invest, not just those who are accredited. It’s meant to be easy and accessible, whether you’re high net worth or not. The best part? Their target return is 9 – 10%. Again, because these are royalties, they’re investments that are already generating cash flow. If you’re looking for income, check out PetroFunders. 

As far as growing their platform, they are seeking to get in front of new investors every day. They have already been networking with their existing connections and are also able to leverage their presence on social media. If you have a strong affinity for income generating investments, check out PetroFunder where the minimum starting investment is $10,000. 

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