1076 – Grit and Tenacity in Business with Ron Coury

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the author of Tenacity, Ron Coury. 

Ron is a Las Vegan businessman who survived the Marines, corruption, and cancer – and successfully ran over twenty businesses throughout his career. Ron shares that he was a student in Brooklyn when he was drafted into the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. He chose boot camp with the hardest training but ultimately wasn’t sent as the war de-escalated. Ron shares that the grit he gained through the military is what afforded him the business mindset that led to his success. Train to teach yourself that failure isn’t an option. You can’t predict the hurdles, but you know they’ll be there. Ron says that the key is not to let the hurdles and challenges stop you. Work your way around each obstacle and solve the problem. 

After Ron got out of the Marines, he shares that he moved to Las Vegas. The city afforded him the ability to enter into many verticals that are very specific to Vegas – he then started a business, but maintained many side gigs. He was in the tavern business to start with and he scaled and grew. He shares how he grew his business and retained customers – and all the innovations he made along the way. Adding video poker to the bar business also opened doors into the gaming business as the industry developed. 

Josh and Ron also explore how to know when you should start your next business venture. He says it’s not always a conscious feeling, but he wanted to continue to grow and challenge himself – so he did. He trained and led his team to continue to nurture his various businesses as he would continue onto the next challenge and venture. But how do you know who is fit for the job? When you see someone with amazing talent, bite the bullet and invest the time and money into training them to make the same decisions you would make. 

Ron shares he would constantly shadow people, and though it can get boring, it teaches your best employees how to act as you would in times of struggle or crisis. But what about when you can’t control the outcome? Gauge pivoting by predicting how an industry will develop. You can’t always accurately predict, but look over the context clues and innovations in technology to stay on the cutting edge of your vertical. You need to stay on top of these changes to stay successful. This is all part of having grit and tenacity as a business owner. 

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