1077 – Writing a Book to Push Your Business Forward with The Author Incubator’s Dr. Angela Lauria

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the President and CEO of The Author Incubator, Dr. Angela Lauria.

The Author Incubator is exactly what it sounds like – they help create and incubate authors. Angela shares that people approach her and her team when they have an idea for a book, but not necessarily the knowledge or skill sets to write their first book. What Angela shares is that her ideal clients have a successful business and idea for a book, but don’t necessarily see themselves as “authors”. She shares that a well written book can improve your business in all facets – and it can communicate effortlessly and clearly with your audience. 

The Author Incubator helps train their clients and their support systems to incubate these authors in the most holistic and effective ways possible. You have to treat a book with this ‘incubation’ mindset to write a real, impactful piece of literature. 

Angela also shares some of her clients’ success stories and how they leveraged their books after becoming published. Between generating new revenue for their business with their books, authors can also create networks using their written work as well as create marketing campaigns that celebrate their book and their business. No matter how Angela’s clients utilize their works, there are endless options and opportunities when you’ve written something successful, succinct, and authoritative. 

She also shares some thoughts on giving away your book during marketing campaigns versus selling it. Giving away your book grants you more reach and eyes on your business and campaign, but this may not necessarily translate into sales right away. On the other hand, if you choose to charge for your book, you’ll likely see more sales from those who purchase it, but less publicity and reach. How you market your book all depends on your business strategy and goals for the book. 

Josh and Angela also explore how often these books are actually read by those who receive it. According to Angela, 16% of these books have even ONE page read. It doesn’t sound great, but she shares some hopeful insights. The good news is that while non-buyers are unlikely to read your book, once someone buys it from you, they’ll not only READ your book, they’ll share it with the people around them and likely read it more than once themselves. Again, this is all impacted by how you decide to utilize your book and share it with your network. 

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