1078 – The Truth About Business Growth with Corporate Value Metrics’ Ken Sanginario

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the founder of Corporate Value Metrics, Ken Sanginario. 

Corporate Value Metrics offers a value creation software platform they created eleven years ago to help companies control the value of their businesses. Their platform can help double or even triple a company’s value over the course of 3 to 5 years. It’s being tested all over the United States and even around the globe!

Ken shares that they offer three different tiers of their software. Their lightest tier is for business averaging less than 5 million in revenue annually. Their next tier is the middle tier, aimed at growth, for those businesses making 5 to 15 million in annual revenue. The highest level tier is aimed at businesses making 15 million or more in revenue. Their software offers a unique flexibility and flexes with the size of the company as well as the vertical.  

Josh and Ken also explore how businesses get started with this software. Their onboarding process helps identify fifteen different points of consideration that tells Ken and his team what the company needs strategy wise, as well as laying out a timeline for success. The problem is that revenue and profitability growth don’t just happen on their own, but too many business owners focus on ONLY these factors – you have to grow within your means to avoid imploding. Ken calls this phenomenon “growing for broke.” What he learned by observing this is that business owners should NOT focus on these factors directly, but rather the qualitative aspects of their businesses that will naturally lead to growth. The truth is, if you’re only focused on growing as fast as possible, you’re actually eroding the value of your business because you haven’t prepared it for that level of growth. 

Ken also discusses the importance of identifying blindsports and imbalances. The weakest parts of your businesses are constraints, and if you ONLY grow within your comfort zones (where you’re usually already thriving), there’s more pressure on the weak areas of your business. You have to balance what you grow and invest time and quality into in order to grow sustainably. THIS work is what triples the value of a business. There aren’t external factors here – this is all within your control. 

What Ken and his team have found is that business will do one (or all) of three things that are common mistakes. They either chase revenue by stretching beyond their core competency in their product offerings, slash costs that are “non-customer facing” which can lead to a lack of efficiency, or they merge with or acquire another business which can often become too complex to direct. If your business isn’t strong in its own foundation, any acquisition or merger will fail. All of these mistakes actually erode the growth and value of your business.  

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