1079 – Competent, Cost-Effective Outsourced Website Development with Inn8ly’s James Hipkin

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO and founder of Red8 Interactive and Inn8ly, James Hipkin. 

Inn8ly offers websites without worry. James shares that Red8 Interactive is a custom web development company focused on acting as a constructive general contractor for mid-sized design agencies. They offer quality, outsourced development services to major enterprises. 

However, James shares that they noticed that smaller businesses (who generally weren’t at the level to invest in Red8 Interactive’s services) desperately needed their expertise and support. With this in mind, James then founded Inn8ly. They now offer cost-effective subscription-based software for small businesses. Their proposition is solving the problem many business owners have – they don’t WANT to be master developers. They want to have a cost-effective, professional and competent team to manage their websites for them. They send emails, develop, and update all of these development aspects on the behalf of their clients. They also actually answer the phone! James shares that actually reaching your outsourced development teams is one of the biggest issues in the industry. 

Even if a business owner IS competent in web development, is it a cost effective use of their time to manage it? Inn8ly makes it as smooth and easy as possible, so business owners can truly operate in their zone of genius and focus on what really matters. 

Josh and James also explore how many SMBs don’t hold their developers to high enough standards. James shares that when he talks to business owners who struggle and underutilize their website, he observes massive confusion around digital marketing. When you invest in tactics in isolation, you’re not looking at things holistically. He describes the ideal framework is to treat your website and digital marketing like a tire and wheel hub. Your website should be the wheel hub, your digital marketing tactics and channels should be the spokes, and your content marketing and messaging strategy should be the rim that holds everything together. 

The power doesn’t come from each piece of the puzzle, but rather the connections you make by following a holistic model. Tactics in isolation is just noise; the power of your strategy comes from connecting everything together. You should be driving people to your website FIRST, not your social media. That’s what builds long term relationships with your audience – when you rely on tactics in isolation (especially ones beyond your control, like using platforms you don’t own), you become susceptible to many more strategic risks. 

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