1081 – Best Practices for Podcast Guests with Outlier Audio’s Spencer Carpenter

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the founder and CEO of Outlier Audio, Spencer Carpenter. 

Outlier Audio began during COVID-19. Spencer shares he worked extensively in the music industry before the pandemic in talent representation. During this time, he realized those who relied on in-person networking needed alternatives. Podcasting was an opportunity for people to perform virtually. Spencer shares that many people in the space either didn’t know how to podcast or didn’t have the time. This is how Outlier Audio was born!

Spencer shares that the need for the space was the initial draw for him to podcasting, but what he realized was that in a world where advertising is constant, podcasts get you in front of audiences who actually want to listen to you. Inviting someone onto your show invites them to become a fan after their own interview and creates the impression of the personal touch of a genuine conversation. Listeners like what you have to say – you don’t have to sell yourself, you just have to be authentic. 

Josh and Spencer also explore what makes an amazing podcast guest. He shares that he’s scoured for the best tips across the web and compiled them (while also leaving out the redundancies and creating a succinct guide.) Optimizing the quality of your own audio is key. Also, don’t waste your opportunity as a podcast guest. You’re there to educate an audience, not sell your program or product. As a guest, be authentic and be a respectful, considerate guest to your host. Josh shares his take; a podcast is like a first date. Don’t run out of the gate trying to make a pitch. 

Spencer also shares that you don’t need to make a pitch to sell to someone’s audio. Just showing your authority and expertise in a real conversation will draw the right clients to you just from an audience base who hears you once and wants to learn more. It doesn’t matter what vertical you work in; you’ll only draw business to yourself from podcasting if you start from a place of service and value as a guest. 

Bring stories, anecdotes, and real nuggets to the table. But how does one get on podcasts, or prepare themselves beforehand? Spencer shares to keep things short and sweet when you pitch yourself as a guest and make sure to curate which shows you want to be on. Don’t throw spaghetti at the wall – go on podcasts in your niche and branch out as you gain more experience as a stand out podcaster. 

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