1084 – Build Your Online Community with Find Calm Here’s Deb Schell

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Creator and Founder of Find Calm Here, Deb Schell. 

Deb helps entrepreneurs build online communities with newfound peace and ease. Deb shares that having a thriving online community while running a successful business can be chaos. She wanted to help other entrepreneurs find calm in running an online business, so Find Calm Here began as a wellness community. The more people joined, the more she realized there she filled a need – she helped guide entrepreneurs create and utilize their own self-made communities. Now, that’s what she does with the Find Calm Here community. 

Josh and Deb also explore how resourceful and collaborative a community can be. As a business owner, you may not have all eyes on your customers and their issues at all times. The more you scale, the more relevant this problem becomes. Having a self-driven community can help, but it takes work and really investing into connecting your network in order to have something effective that fills the role. 

Deb also talks about how community-based softwares have evolved over time. There are many different options out there, especially when you’re looking to get away from Facebook groups. A popular option that both Deb and Josh have used and loved is Might Networks. Using a platform like this empowers your customer base to become impactful within itself. Deb shares that ‘community’ is more often than not the missing magic in your business. If you’re an entrepreneur, agency, wellness or mindfulness professional, or a coach/consultant, building a dedicated community is always a best practice. 

Josh also asks about how to build a community truly. It’s not just the software, Deb shares. You want to notice those who are engaging with your community already (perhaps on social media or in a Facebook group you’ve implemented) and invite them to join the community you’re building. You want to establish a community with those who already like to engage with you – and you want to ask them what they really want to see. Collaborate with your community and make them part of the direction it goes in, don’t just take them along for the ride. Your community knows what it wants, so leverage that by asking them! Deb suggests using something like a Google Form to ask your audience questions about building your community – do some trial “market” research here to see what’s actually in demand in your network and client base. 

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