1088 – Innovative Tech Solutions with Comtec Systems’ Mike Vertolli

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the President and CEO of Comtec Systems, Mike Vertolli. 

Almost 30 years ago, Mike started Comtec Systems. In high school, he worked in telecommunications and installation and he had an unprecedented opportunity to work in the budding tech space in the 90’s. Today, Comtec Systems works with 300 agents that sell their services nationwide. Their current mission is simple; they help their clients run their companies better through technology. 

Their client base is scattered across various industries. Mike shares the number one vertical he serves that has the most pain points is the healthcare space. They teach various different technological skills to healthcare teams in order to execute working with patients more effectively. Many healthcare professionals are shocked at how much business they lose every year because their automated systems are not good. Mike shares that some practices are skeptical of their services – until he shows how poor these analytics really are. 

Josh and Mike also explore the lack of awareness with the customer journey experience. You might think you have a good thing going, but your blindspots are just that; you don’t know what you don’t know. Mike shares that a poor customer experience is the quickest thing to be shared and circulated online, and you need to make it your goal to have exceptional customer service. Average service isn’t acceptable; complete excellence should be the bar. 

Mike also shares ways to better convert online traffic, as well as some tips on optimizing how your staff communicates. Can they handle phones and website inquiries at the same time? If that’s feasible, optimize time by stacking applicable tasks that can be done back and forth with ease. 

Mike also shares some thoughts on how remote work will likely be the permanent future of many industries. You can use tools like what Comtec Systems offers to source top talent nationwide. If you don’t have to keep your hiring pool to your immediate geographical region, absolutely leverage and take advantage of high-level talent sourcing software. This, believe it or not, ties into your customer experience. You might have been underutilizing high-level talent across the board, which means you don’t have a top notch team to manage and facilitate the customer experience. Investing into this type of talent is another amazing way to boost your customer journey through innovative tech solutions. Don’t turn a blind eye to your customer journey; do a deep dive and see what you can improve for immediate results. 

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