1091 – Turn Yourself Into An Effective Leader with 30 Day Leadership’s Nils Vinje

In the first ever sponsored episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the founder and CEO of 30 Day Leadership, Nils Vinje.  

Josh and Nils explore high-level networking and how the B2B world is built entirely on networking. Put yourself in a position to make these connections – but not in a sales setting. Paying a little extra to be in a VIP setting at events, masterminds, and functions is an amazing opportunity to forge these connections organically. 

Nils explains how he adapted and pivoted once the pandemic hit. He realized he needed to build something more sustainable and focused. The pandemic forced him to pivot away from one-on-one high touch consulting and towards a one-to-many model. He focuses now entirely on leadership coaching. He wrote the book, the 30 Day Leadership Playbook, available for free here

Nils also explores how being a leader in a B2B business requires you to inspire your employees to believe in the solutions you offer. You also need to understand what your team needs and they need to understand your company’s message and vision. All of these factors, universally, depend upon good leadership.

Josh and Nils also talk about how good leadership is created. Nils breaks this down into four pillars; leading yourself, leading others, leading with communication, and leading with metrics. 

Leading yourself requires you to manage yourself and your time efficiently (not to mention knowing the areas you need to improve upon); self awareness is key here. Leading others requires you to drive your team’s performance – don’t just ‘lead’, coach your team forward. Leading with communication means, fundamentally, you have communication tuned in internally and externally when it comes to your business. Leading with metrics means being data driven – prioritizing logistics and understanding the actual numbers that run your business. These pillars round out what it means to be a successful leader; implementing these pillars can be a challenge, which is where 30 Day Leadership can help. 

Nils also talks about how he and his team measure success in their B2B leadership academy. They maintain scorecards that track each participant's pillar progres as well as where they are in their leadership modules. By tracking these aspects, participants will learn to integrate the tools and lessons they learned into their businesses in real time. 

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