1093 – A Holistic Approach to Franchising with Metric Collective’s Rob Huntington

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks with the CEO of Metric Collective, Rob Huntington.

Metric Collective is a vertically integrated franchise and technology company. They work in all areas of franchising, from top of funnel onward. They can also help with franchise leads, franchise sales, and equity investments into franchisors. Metric Collective is also a franchisee and ‘eat their own dogfood’ when it comes to their technology. 

They’ve dialed in their services and earned their domain authority through years of franchise work and their backend is intricately designed. Their leadgen system is quite sensitive and they prioritize filtering their leads for their clients. They can generate and filter reasonably, long before they sell them to a brand. 

Rob and his team also believe direct marketing is constantly changing – there’s no secret sauce. They stay up to date on all platforms and target niche audiences that they find through advanced lead generation. 

Rob also shares why lead collection and the selling of leads can be seriously negatively impacted by how a purchaser treats the leads. Metric Collective’s franchise leads tool allows their users to automatically reach out and begin the relationship-building process without as much of the manual hassle. If you’re letting leads accumulate and you’re calling them all one day per week with a few seconds or less, you’re simply not going to see results. 

Metric Collective is a few different companies that offer various franchising services. FranchiseHelp is the largest lead generator for franchisors in the country, according to Metric Collective’s website. Through this company, they offer highly qualified leads through their specially designed proprietary matching quiz. FranFunnel is their SaaS product offering that gives franchisors and franchisees the ability to communicate with their leads more effectively through automated texting. Finally, they also offer their third business, a Franchise Development company called Oakscale, which is a fully outsourced franchise sales organization.

Metric Collective makes franchising “cool” and attainable for those who are new to franchising or for seasoned franchisors. Franchising allows you to be your own boss, without any capital, and offers you an opportunity to become a franchising entrepreneur. No matter how far along you might be, they have an innovative, high-level offering for you. This method of business is becoming more and more popular, and Rob shares that he and his team have spread awareness about how amazing the space can be when tackled effectively. 

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